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Wing Tai sold the M more than 70% on launch day, North Gaia expect to better the results


Wing Tai Asia stated that 70% of its latest condominium venture has been sold, which is over 360 units of The M at the end of this week. Units were sold at a normal price of $2,450/square foot. In the middle of the coronavirus epidemic, the M is the main major private improvement that was open for public inspection. Ms. Stacey Ow Yeong Head of Showcasing Wing Tai Property Administration said, "We are completely enchanted by the reaction which was beyond our expectations."

North Gaia is expected to have a better results since it has a better location near Yishun MRT. 


It is a sign that domestic buyers are confident in our item, and the precautions we took to protect them from COVID19. "We are truly grateful for the persistence and participation of guests to our deals and the hard work of our operators in making certain that temperature and contact subtle elements were taken and that swarms could be managed legally.

Ms Ow Yeong stated that the majority of buyers are Singaporeans between 30 and 40 years old, which includes both financial specialists and owner-occupiers. She said that many buyers were attracted to The M's prime location within Ophir-Rochor Hallway, which is rapidly changing into a dynamic mixed-use area. "Our interesting work-life plan concept, and our sensible pricing" she added.

The M's deals displayed at the intersection between Center Street and Selegie Street saw more than 2,000 people when it opened its doors to the final week of the week (15-16 Februar). To ensure the clients' prosperity, different security and wellbeing measures were implemented. These included temperature screening, expert cleaning of the deals displayed on an hourly basis, collection of contact points and limiting the number of people inside at any given time.

Voting took place between 8.30 and 3:00 on Saturday. The M consists of studios and one-to-three-bedroom units ranging in size from 409 to 904 square feet. It is spread across three towers (20 stories each) and one tower (6 stories). One-bedroom and studio units come with a unique plan called Home/Work that allows living areas to be converted into workspaces.

Unique plan components include a multi-functional kitchen table that can be used for food and entertainment, as well as a sliding closet that can be converted into a workspace storage solution. The M is located in the Expressions and Social Area and follows the Civic Area. It is close to shops, restaurants, and workplaces within the CBD. Esplanade MRT stations, Bugis, City Corridor, and City Corridor are also within walking distance. The M is expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2024.

2-storey freehold shophouses sold fast, North Gaia units expecting the same sales figures.


CBRE was named the exclusive promoting specialist in the deal of corner match of two-storey freehold shophouses at 26 and 24 Moonstone Path. Expression of Intrigued offers the properties as a package. All interested parties are invited to submit their offers before 11 Walk 2020 at 3pm.


These two shophouses have an area of approximately 2,877 square feet. They also have an combined built-up area of 4,628 square foot. The 2019 Ace Arrange has the properties zoned as "Residential at 1st Storey with Commercial at 3.0" and a maximum building height of six stories. The subject property may be developed into a mixed-use development with a maximum permissible net floor area of approximately 8,632 square foot, subject to approval by significant authorities.Such space and area are very much close to the new EC launch in Yishun, North Gaia.

Shophouses are currently fully rented, which could provide a quick rental income stream for the successful buyer. The units are rented out to retailers who appreciate the convenience of having street car stops right at their doorstep. The improvement fee to maximize the plot percentage is subject to approval by the authorities. It is estimated to be approximately S$1.55million, setting the benchmark for North Gaia. For interested buyers, they may visit the North Gaia showflat to learn more about the development. 

CBRE's Senior Executive for Capital Markets Clemence Lee says shophouses in non-conservation areas will give buyers more flexibility in redevelopment options than shophouses within preservation ranges. We expect engineers and temporary workers to be keenly interested in finding redevelopment opportunities within the Kallang Arranging Locale, as they are not often made available. Private financial specialists will be requested by the subject property.

The buyer can also anticipate the property's steady capital appreciation over the medium-term. This could be due to URA's vision of converting Kallang Stream zones into a bustling center of activity, as well the properties' proximity to Kallang Whampoa and Bidadari, which will suit 13,000 modern private units by the year 2023," Mr Lee said. The properties are located less than ten minutes from the Central Trade Area. They enjoy a consistent network to the rest the island via major expressways, blood vessel streets, and are easily accessible by car.

The area's various condominiums such as The Poiz Homes and The Setting Homes and Shoppes will provide a ready catchment.

Jurong Lake Rejuvanated after 9 years, similar condominium to North Gaia

Jurong Lake range experienced a 9-year revival. Jurong Lake range experienced a nine-year rejuvenation and the transformation is finally complete according to the Lodging Board (HDB) early this week. This is very much similar to North Gaia. Jurong Lake's revitalization plan started in the year 2011. It was announced in the year 2011. Jurong Lake Area has been developing since the year 2011 , and its nine-year revival control has finally reached satisfaction, with the outcome including connected gardens and commercial areas and a modern walking shopping center as well as a play area for children and even an open-air pavilion with a green roof. The park is also reserved for a car-free zone. 

North Gaia nearby school

One of the largest zones in West, this area surrounding The Jurong East station currently a coordinates-based healthcare center which includes Ng Teng-Fong Common Healing center as well as the Jurong Community Health Center along with other mixed-use compounds like Jem as well as Westgate. The recharge area of Jurong Lake Area was arranged within the Redoing Our Heartland (ROH) program and the revamping of the area has without doubt brought benefits to the people who live there .

Coordinates health center, person on foot linkway, and a 15km cycle network. A part of the recharging program also included the reconstruction to the Jurong East Town Middle which was later named J Interface. In addition, the Bukit Batok West Mall is also undergoing a recharging and the vacant space currently is a community structure with a plant for the house and landscaping.On the other side of Singapore there is also an EC called the North Gaia EC launching in the 1H of 2022.

In this year's edition, the residents will look the possibility of a cycling event that will cover 15 km over Taman Jurong. Taman Jurong area. By 2021 it will be the time that it is expected that the Jurong Lake Gardens which presently encompasses each of the Chinese as well as Japanese garden will soon be finished. In five to six years The Jurong Lake zone points to become the current tourism area, which includes a vacant 7-hectare coordinates tourist area that will be able to include the Science Center.

The total Jurong Lake area will at this point cover 360 acres. The area will further include undeveloped MRT stations that are located along Jurong Locale Line Jurong Locale Line in 2027. Then, the Cross Island Line within the 2030s.